Jean-Philippe Bedell
Susete Martin Dias
Bioavailability and ecotoxicology assessment of organic contaminants presents in Estarreja soils
Soil, an important environmental compartment, is largely affected daily by anthropogenic activities such as industries, traffic and waste disposal. These activities can bring to the soils large quantities of several contaminants and consequently they can easily enter the food chain and the trophic scale of ecosystems via plants and animals.
This type of organic pollutants can persist for long times in the environment, being susceptible to transport for long distances, then they can easily reach a large geographic area and be widely dispersed.
It is of an extreme importance to assess the environmental and human health risk pose by this problem. In this work, an evaluation and a comparison study will be done through bioavailability tests and ecotoxicological bioassays with plants and invertebrates in order to assess the real risk inherent to the presence of such pollutants in soils of an important industrial area: Estarreja (Portugal).
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  • OHM Estarreja
Chimie, Écologie



Ma thématique de recherche porte sur l'évaluation de la mobilité environnmentale des polluanst dans les sédiments et plus particulièrement du rôle des organismes vivants dont les plantes sur cette mobillité. Cette approche fait partie intégrante de l'évaluation environnementale dans le cadre de la gestion par dépôt à terre de ces sédiments en amenant des élèments d'évaluation tant sur la toxicité pour les plantes que sur leurs potentiels de bioaccumulation.



Researcher at GeoBioTec, University of Aveiro
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• Inácio M., Neves O., Pereira, V, Ferreira da Silva E. 2014. Levels of selected potential harmful elements (PHEs) in soils and vegetables used in diet of the population living in the surroundings of the Estarreja Chemical Complex (Portugal). Applied Geochemistry, 44, 38 - 44.