Alda Marques
Patrícia Rebelo
COATIVAR – COmmunity AcTIVe response for pAtients with chronic respiRatory diseases
COATIVAR capitalizes on PRISMA where patients with chronic respiratory diseases (CRD) and their families had access to a 12-week pulmonary rehabilitation programme. Although unquestionable benefits were obtained, they were then left with no community-response, adapted to their condition, to maintain such benefits. COATIVAR will be a community-response to maintain patients with CRD and their families integrated and active in the region of Estarreja. People with CRD are less active than their healthy peers and this inactivity is related to worse prognosis. Thus, encouraging patients to adopt a more active lifestyle is a major but highly challenging goal. Interventions adapted to the local context, using existing social support and community structures are the most successful. Estarreja has already in place a complex of sports and leisure activities. COATIVAR will work with the city council of Estarreja to adapt the existing resources to integrate and maintain these patients and families safely active.
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Alda Marques is currently a senior lecturer at School of Health Sciences (ESSUA) and a research member of the Institute for Biomedicine (iBiMED), University of Aveiro, Portugal. Since 2009, coordinates the LAB3R-Respiratory Research and Rehabilitation Laboratory at ESSUA. Marques is currently an active member of the European Respiratory Society, American Association of Respiratory Care, International Lung Sound Association, Portuguese Society of Pneumology and is the President of the cardiorespiratory group of the Portuguese Physiotherapy Association. Her research interests are by working with multidisciplinary teams, to: i) explore the effectiveness and different models of delivery PR; ii) improve patients with respiratory diseases and their families management and iii) develop and implement new measures or core outcome sets to be used clinically.
Marques has more than 100 publications in peer-reviewed journals, 3 published books and 8 book chapters in respiratory diseases. She has been principal investigator of 12 funded research projects (FCT/FCG/COMPETE2020) related with respiratory disease or dementia management, 3 of them ongoing. She has been also a member of the research team of 5 other funded research projects, one an international multicenter trial. Marques has vast experience in supervising Post-docs, PhDs and Master students. The results from these studies have and will continue to contribute to a further development of the non-pharmacological management of patients with chronic diseases and their families. Marques has received 18 awards for her work, one of which the first prize for the best work conducted in “Rehabilitation & Chronic Care”, awarded by the European Respiratory Society.


Since 2016, Cristiana Santos is the manager of the 3rd Degree, as Head of the Sports Unit of the Câmara Municipal de Estarreja, where he exercises consultative, study, planning, programming, evaluation and application of methods and processes of a technical and scientific nature, which base and prepare the decision. It has elaborated, autonomously and in a group, opinions and projects, with varying degrees of complexity, and execution of other activities of general or specialized support in the areas of common, instrumental and operative performance of the organs and services, specifically in the areas of education and sports. Extensive experience in the areas of Sport and its performance in health and fitness in general.
In 2005 she completed the Postgraduate Course in Management of Municipal Sports and in 2003 the Master's Degree in Sports Sciences, specializing in Physical Activity for the Elderly. She also has a degree in Physical Education and Sports and has other...