Daniela Figueiredo
Carina Lopes, Renato Mendes, Nuno Vaz, João Dias
AGREST – AGRiculture at ESTarreja region: a satellite screening over the past four decades
Agriculture is still a key sector for the local economy at Estarreja region, which has been suffering from several environmental pressures over the past decades. A strong heritage related to the released untreated effluents from industrial activity before the nineties is still present in many of the fields used for agriculture, with persistently high levels of contamination. Additionally, the region is also under the permanent threat of fluvial flooding and of saline intrusion, which is expected to intensify in the future as a consequence of the intensification of extreme weather events (floods and droughts) and mean sea level rise induced by Climate Change, hindering crop yields and severely affecting the local agriculture-based economy.

The AGREST project aims to make a spatiotemporal perspective of the agricultural use of the land during the past 35 years at Estarreja region, using Earth Observation data based on Landsat records. Information on the occurrence of river floods, droughts, episodes of saltwater intrusion and discharge of untreated industrial effluents will also be retrieved and related to impacts on crop production. Awareness actions for farmers presenting free available remote sensing applications for crop management will be carried out.
Projet OHMs
OHM(s) concerné(s)
  • OHM Estarreja
Biogéographie, Géoréférencement, Géospatialisation


Daniela Figueiredo has a PhD in Biology since 2010. After 8 years of post-doc research in Microbial Ecology, she is presently a researcher at the University of Aveiro (CESAM – Centre for Marine and Environmental Studies). Her main research areas include Natural Sciences (Earth and Environmental Sciences) and Biological Sciences. Nevertheless, in parallel, she has also carried out several Environmental Education actions and coordinated projects regarding Science Communication and Citizen Science, all topics that have always been of interest to her. She has participated in the production of several science videos for Youth. Her research path has resulted in 21 papers published in ISI journals (most with relevant impact factors in their research areas and reaching a total of 771 citations, with a h-hindex of 11 - Scopus), with over 40 co-authors. Other publications such as books and book chapters (11) and conference proceedings (4) and communications (72) are also worth mentioning. Daniela is natural from Estarreja, where she was born and grew up just 1000 m away from the industrial complex perimeter. She still lives in Estarreja nowadays, which makes her part of the local reality.



João Miguel Dias holds a PhD in Physics and is Associate Professor with Habilitation in the Department of Physics of the University of Aveiro, where he is the current Director. He founded and leads the Estuarine and Coastal Modelling Division (http://www.nmec.eu/), and is a researcher at the Centre for Environment and Marine Studies) (CESAM), where he is co-coordinator of the Integrated Environmental Systems thematic line. With nearly 30 years of professional experience, he is a specialist in the numerical modelling of physical processes in estuarine and coastal zones. He has participated and coordinated several national and international research projects and has extensive experience in consulting for public and private organizations. He is the editor and reviewer of a large number of international journals, and has integrated project and scholarships evaluation panels in the field of marine science for various national and international agencies. He is the author of over 140...